High fidelity multi-player pilot training is finally available at an affordable price! Using the Air Combat Training (ACT) package, you can now train your F-16 pilots in single ship proficiency skills as well as 2-ship and 4-ship team tactics. The ACT features:

  • High Fidelity F-16 Flight Model
  • Complete Avionics Package
  • Realistic Cockpit
  • High Fidelity Air and Ground Threat Server
  • DMA Terrain/Imagery
  • Networked via the DIS Protocol
  • PC-Based Open Architecture

The ACT can be configured to meet your specific training needs. Options include unclassified, exportable data (as well as classified versions), from single to multi-channel visual displays, long haul or single site networking, utilization of your own MultiGenTM data bases, and the ability to connect with other existing trainers. The utilization of PC’s and a fully open hardware and software architecture guarantees the ACT will be able to grow with technology advancements and be a valuable training asset for years to come.

Aircraft Model
Realistic F-16 stick and throttle control a high fidelity flight model. Developed using actual F-16 aerodynamic and performance data, the model yields realistic performance in all flight regimes. Performance varies with loadout weight and location.

Full representation of the APG-68 multi-mode radar includes five A-A modes and four A-G modes. The TWIS includes full threat listings and audio signals. Ten HUD display modes and seven selectable MFD display modes are included.

Models are available for every weapon carried by the F-16 as well as fuel pods and ECM pods. Both classified and unclassified models can be provided.

A full array of intelligent air and ground threats is provided. Threats can be set up to act independently or under control of command and control networks. Threat behavior can be varied to effect different levels of training complexity and difficulty.

All of these performance models are provided by FAAC Incorporated, an industry leader in high fidelity performance models for training and onboard use. FAAC models are used in over 15 high-end WSTs as well as in air combat training ranges throughout the world. FAAC has a stable of over 250 models currently used for DoD training available for use in ACT.

Visual World
Displays can range from a single channel to full dome. Terrain worlds are geo-specific and derived from DMA data. The open architecture allows for the utilization of any MultiGenTM format data base. Developed by Military Simulations Inc., visual data bases can be built for any location and adapted to any graphics system. This provides for ease of migration to graphics systems as technology continues to evolve and improve.

Utilizing the SIMToolsTM software package, networking is accomplished under a full DIS protocol which allows for a 100+ participant scenario including the ability to connect with other DIS compatible simulators.

Other Aircraft
The modular design of ACT allows cost effective conversion to other aircraft types as well as the addition of specialized avionics or weapon systems.