FAAC Incorporated. is the sole supplier of weapon and Electronic Combat Environment (ECE) simulation software for the family of Navy Tactical Aircrew Combat Training Systems (TACTS) and Air Force Air Combat Training Systems since their inception in the early 1970ís. These training ranges provide pilots with real-time air and ground combat environments, which allow realistic evaluation of the pilotsí combat skills and weapon utilization. The simulations not only provide realistic hit/miss/probability of kill analysis for both threat and friendly weapons, but also provide the participants a factual "reason for miss" evaluation as an added feature to aid their understanding of weapon system capability and employment.


The TACTS/ACTS functionality has been expanded from a purely air-to-air environment, to include air-to-ground and surface-to-air engagements. FAAC designed and developed software to represent a fully functional Integrated Air Defense System (IADS). Many of the 14 operational ranges located worldwide have been upgraded to incorporate this feature, including the lead ranges located at NAS Fallon, Nevada, and Red Flag Measurement and Debriefing System (RFMDS) at Nellis AFB, Nevada.

The IADS environment incorporates an early warning network, centralized command and control, surface-to-air missiles (SAMís), anti-aircraft artillery (AAA), associated weapon system sensors (including radar and electro-optical modes), EA-6B support jamming and self-protection countermeasures effects on both RF and IR weapon performance, RWR device simulation, and terrain masking. The ranges accommodate scenarios for air-to-air, air-to-ground, surface-to-air, and Electronic Warfare systems involving the simultaneous operation of up to 36 high activity aircraft (plus 100 low activity aircraft), making the TACTS/ACTS ranges the most sophisticated training environments in the world. For the TACTS/ACTS ranges, FAAC has developed models of over 100 weapon systems, including 20 different threat air-to-air missiles, 25 different threat SAM/AAA systems, and 28 threat emitter types.

Beyond simulation development, FAAC is active in all stages of new range development upgrades. FAACís recognized expertise in the development of simulations and range upgrades resulted in our involvement in the design support role for the NACTS and NTC Air Warrior programs.