FAAC’s Air Combat Environment for Testing and Training (FACETT) is a Windows desktop application that simulates air combat engagements to support weapon simulation testing, tactics development and post air combat training debriefing of weapon system capabilities. FACETT incorporates hi-fidelity missile simulations to generate simulated cockpit displays. A flight simulator mode allows “first person shooter” interaction. An observer mode lets the user fly through the 3D Combat Theater during a scenario or after the scenario has completed.

The FACETT software initially was developed as a tool to test the development of high-speed weapon simulations in support of FAAC’s effort to evaluate our cockpit algorithms and high-speed missile simulations provided for the F-15, F-16, F-35 and F/A-18 E/F. FACETT is compatible with our SimBuilder weapon simulation software product and our library of validated weapon simulations for training devices.

Applications for FACETT have gone beyond the evaluation of simulation and WEZ performance to be a revolutionary tool to evaluate weapon employment tactics in a controlled desktop environment with high fidelity simulation models combined with 3-D graphics, aircraft MFD and HUD WEZ displays, autonomous aircraft and an aircraft flight simulator model. Air combat tactical situations can be created to evaluate weapon performance, recorded for later analysis, replayed from TSPI data recorded from training or tactical systems, or networked into live system for real-time weapon employment assessments.

FACETT Features: a closer look

Scenario Building
• Drag and Drop combatants onto mission map
• Define target aircraft and surface entity behavior
• Set-up Stand-Alone or Network Scenarios
• Load/import mission specific maps
• Select different aircraft flight models for the ownship aircraft
• Assign joystick configuration per aircraft type

SimBuilder/Air Combat Training Integration
• Fully integrates FAAC’s SimBuilder product
• SimBuilder supports Air and Surface Launched weapons as well as Countermeasures
• SimBuilder can be replaced with FAAC validated air combat training simulations for
greater fidelity

Recording and Replay Capabilities
• All scenarios can be recorded for later replay and analysis
• Can be run with recorded TSPI data from an alternate training device
• Alternate Ending – Whether running from a FACETT developed scenario or alternate
source TSPI the user can jump into an aircraft and take full control of the aircraft
and weapons employment
• Timeline window displays all key events for quick jumping
• Plotting and analysis of weapon performance data

Network Capabilities

• Up to 4 FACETT’s can be networked together to allow 4 separately controlled aircraft
to be flown together in real-time against each other or autonomous aircraft
• Network scenarios can be recorded
• Network with other systems to provide WEZ displays and weapons simulations driven
from alternate TSPI sources

ZAP Integration
• Can be integrated with actual ZAP software used on tactical fighter jets to
re-create the weapon employment displays seen in the aircraft
• Can be configured with F-16, F-15, and/or F/A-18 E/F displays
• Threat WEZ: allows side-by-side comparison of ownship weapon capabilities
versus selected target’s weapons for accurate assessment of first shot in a
real-time dynamic environment