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Rated #1 In Transit, Rated #1 Customer Servic

FAAC is dedicated to the highest fidelity in modeling and simulation technology, providing real experience for your drivers/operators in life-like virtual environments.

Understanding your training objectives and budget, FAAC works with you to develop your optimal training solution. FAAC supports a comprehensive in-house team, including software developers,
engineers, digital graphic artists, technical staff and professional program
managers. We focus on a customer-for-life philosophy to understand, develop,
deliver and maintain your specific training solution.


FAAC rail training simulators.
Simulators developed with realistic environments to provide real experience. Develop your scenarios to match your training objectives for consistent and objective training.
• Full cab-to-desktop simulators
• Single or multiple visual displays
• Mobile or fixed facility applications
• Flexible, modular, expandable designs

          • Smart features for the most effective training.
  • Meet Training Objectives
    • Safe, effective, efficient, objective and consistent training
    • Minimize training on trains
    • Basic, advanced and remedial driver/operator training
    • Rail operations knowledge
    • Safe Train Movement
    • Signal knowledge
    • Student knowledge of rules and regulations
    • Route familiarization
    • Fault isolation, diagnosis and corrective action
    • Proper radio/intercom communication
    • Maintain schedule


  • Wraparound visibility with computer-generated virtual world includes hazards, other trains, pedestrians and emergency situations to assist the instructor to train forward planning techniques.
  • A fault workstation inside the cab displays faults, door problems, brake issues and electrical irregularities for students to solve
  • In-car and control center communication between student and instructor enables direct reinforcement and role-play exercises
  • A cleverly devised mirror system enables instructors to train students in either one-person train operation mode or standard two-person mode


Observer Station
Students not operating the rail simulator can still take advantage of the learning experience through this unique station.

  • Watch the student-operator's progress in the training exercise
  • Monitor that student's hand and eye movements
  • Watch the car navigate through the virtual world
  • Listen to the voice communications between the student and instructor

Development Station
Instructors use this station to custom craft training lessons in the virtual world using FAAC's mission building development software. Lesson can focus on:

  • Route familiarization
  • Addressing malfunctions
  • Hazard recognition
  • Maintaining schedules


  • Supports a 6 of freedom motion base
  • High-performance 1280X1024 resolution
  • Wireless instructor controls
  • Actual operator's cabin or a physical replica
  • Touch screen control adaptability
  • 60 Hz. or better update rate
  • Dynamically textured virtual worlds
  • 70-in. rear projection screens
  • Driver cab configurations include Siemens R-70 and Kawasaki R160