The TT-1000 offers a great deal of training and has:

3 displays made of LCD panels offering a 190 degree Horizontal Field of View (FOV)
an “open-air” cab/driving station fabricated with materials that are representative of a tractor trailer truck
emulated truck dash and seating configuration
TrueFeel Steering providing a more realistic “feel” for force feedback, camber recovery, tire scrub, curb strikes and road vibration.
proper braking controls
Doppler effect surround sound to enhance acceleration, deceleration and cornering. Other sounds include engine sped, road noise, tire skidding, brake application, and collisions with vehicles, signs, trees, buildings.
MDT software
scripted scenario lessons designed to teach a variety of driving/judgment skills
the capability to pause a scenario. Instructors can elect 1 of 3 re-drive options: have the student continue to drive from the point of the pause OR jump back to a previous point in the exercise OR completely re-drive the entire exercise.
the capability to initiate malfunctions such as a tire blow out, drop in oil pressure
trailer emulations can be configured for a variety of loads and varying centers of gravity
wind gusts with direct effect on trailers
a feature allowing instructors or students to switch to an overhead view and to review and reinforce street-level situations.
scoring and record keeping functions
4 separate driving worlds to meet the driver training needs of agencies throughout the world.
Instructor Operator Station (IOS).
system documentation