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FAAC’s truck driver training simulator is unlike any other training, testing or development tool available today. This alternative training is safer and more cost effective than traditional on-the-road training. Most important, it feels and acts exactly like the real thing because it was designed by people who drive the real thing.

Custom Truck Cab
  • • Models include straight truck, tractor-trailer, 5- and 10-yard dump trucks, tankers, plows, etc.
  • • Choose up to eight display screens depending on your needs.
  • • SmartNode™ steering allows students to “feel” the virtual world, including curb strikes, braking, road surface variation and vibration, fast turns, tire scrub and collisions. Motion seats contain up to 15º pitch and roll angular motion and +/- 2 inches of heave (up/down).
  • • Actual side- and rear-view mirrors enable proper mirror use training.
  • • Selectable center of gravity for cargo provides different road feel for students.
  • • Cameras monitor and record driver activity, which can be replayed for the student as learning reinforcement.
  • • Dashboard layout is modeled after a typical (but non-specific) truck with authentic gauges and displays that are active and accurately modeled.
  • • Actual truck components are used for the gauges, as well as the clutch, accelerator and brake.
  • • Real-time and post-lesson scoring shows areas where the student has performed well and where further instruction is needed.
  • • An Instructor Operator Station acts as the command center for the instructor. The instructor is able to control all variables, including:
  • Oil pressure drop
  • Brake loss
  • Engine overheat (w/ fire & smoke visuals)
  • Steering axle tire blowout